To make your inspirations come alive, a team of skilled collaborators using modern technologies ensures the correct interpretation and development of your ideas.

We dedicate ourselves manufacturing the best products using the most suitable and appropriate materials and techniques focusing on sustainability.

The combination of experienced workers, up-to-date equipment, accurate planning tied with strict quality control results in garments that follow the highest quality standards delivered on-time.

From Sketch to Store

Product Development

An eclectic team of textile specialists supported by in-house pattern makers and sample room ensures all details required will meet customer’s demands. These enable us to develop prototypes and collections in a short lead-time.

Material sourcing

A strong connection with multiple suppliers around the globe allow us to find the best and most suitable materials. We have a wide range of fabrics and trims in our show-room freshly updated every season.


With production sites in Portugal and Morocco we have the capacity and the flexibility to produce a wide variety of styles. Due to the global demand for high-quality clothing and stiff competition we keep investing continuously in people, machines and processes. We are therefore equipped with modern machines and automation technology in spreading, cutting, manufacturing and packaging. Combining these with experienced collaborators enables us to manufacture efficiently, with precision and short lead-times.

Quality control

A dedicated team equipped with inspection and testing machines continuously monitors quality throughout the production process. It all starts with fabrics & trims just after materials are received. Continues along cutting, production and ends with full inspection on all garments manufactured. Our goal is to meet and ensure our customer’s quality standards.

Warehouse & Shipping

Logistics play an important role on a fast moving economy. Connected to the ERP system our teams efficiently allocate the materials to the PO’s. Once finished the goods are then stored in boxes or hanging. Widely connected to a network of forwarding companies we are able to send the goods to any part of the globe by land, sea or air.